This Artistic Adventure will take place over four and a half days from September 12th – 17th, 2018 and is scheduled to include a single engine airplane flight over the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride in a Monster Truck (yes you read that correctly, a MONSTER TRUCK) an all day Smoky Mountain exploration through the infamous “Cades Cove” including history, wildlife viewing and a Smoky Mountain picnic, an Artistic focused scavenger hunt in the beautiful town of Gatlinburg TN, and a unique cooking/dining celebration at the end of the retreat. Each of these opportunities comes with a custom art class designed to use these experiences as inspiration. The art that you develop will fill the pages of a unique, hard cover, book bound journal that you will create during the retreat. There will be extra room in your journal should you choose to include your own photographs, scrapbooking bits, and or additional art. Your time with us will be split between Arting and Adventuring with a full day dedicated just for studio time. The following is an example of the kind of day you can expect on an Artistic Adventure:


After waking up from a great night’s sleep you will enjoy a hearty breakfast then a guided morning stretch designed to offer you health benefits and tips that will prepare you for the day and warm up those arty muscles. A retired Police officer will be your chauffeur as we escort you on a beautiful scenic drive through the National Park. We will make several stops in the park as we stretch our legs and explore churches, homesteads, and farms that have remained standing since the seventeen to eighteen hundreds. One of these stops will include ample time for you to explore a still working Grist Mill, watch a Blacksmith at work, and learn about the culture of the area. Once you select your favorite spot we will enjoy an art class involving “Plein Air” painting with our travel watercolor kit.  Never painted outside before? Worry not. We'll prep you on what to expect and your instructor will be present painting along with you for all the guidance you need. You’re sure to work up an appetite which will be fulfilled by an elegant picnic prepared just for you. After lunch a few additional stops will be made so that you can explore, shop for souvenirs, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the area. Keep your eyes peeled for Black Bear, White Tail Deer and Elk.

As we return to our cabin you can enjoy some free time to unwind as we once again prepare a decadent meal for you. We will also enjoy some time in the art studio where you will add your watercolor painting to you journal as well as receive an additional art lesson addressing unique techniques to create background pages for your journal. We will enjoy a brief evening meditation designed to encourage another great night of sleep. As the day comes to a close you may take a woodsy walk, a hot bath to soak those bones, a dip in the swimming pool, some extra time in the studio to catch up on any projects that you have underway, or you may simply drift off to sleep as you ponder the Artistic Adventures that you’ll have tomorrow.


Are you ready to sign up yet? Still want more details? Here are a few more things that you should know…

Although our time together includes some busy days such as the one described above, there will also be low key days that will offer longer art classes and plenty of studio time. There will also be ample time for you to catch a cat nap or enjoy a quiet walk should you desire some time by yourself.

Our luxurious accommodations will include one or more Log cabins so that we may fully enjoy the mountain experience. The cabins are fully furnished with ample bathrooms and kitchen dining space. Most rooms will be single occupancy however a few bedrooms may be shared so feel free to encourage a friend to attend with you.

We are mindful of special needs including diet restrictions and allergies so please let us know. Unfortunately due to the rigor of activities wheelchair accessibility is not available.

Several detailed art classes are supplied in your Retreat package including but not limited to: Acrylic painting, watercolor painting, sketching and detail work, stamp creation, Zen tangle art, art journaling, book binding, and multimedia art.

All required art supplies are provided so you don’t have to bring a thing! Some folks do have favorite tools, paint colors, scrapbooking supplies etc thus you are welcome to bring your own stash. Be aware that we will be working in the journal throughout the Retreat thus three dimensional objects may not fit.

We will enjoy a private art studio that is available to us 24/7 so you may claim your spot, spread out your arty goodies, and settle in for the duration.  If you require additional desk lighting we recommend that you add this to your packing list, along with an extension cord.

Weather of course can always play its cruel jokes and is impossible to predict. Should weather prevent us from an adventure we do have back up activities scheduled that also offer loads of fun so you’ll never feel as though you’re missing out. Please remain flexible should minor changes be required.

All Adventures are included through group reservations thus a refund will not be provided should you opt out of any activities. The art Studio however will be accessible to you 24/7 for your enjoyment.

There will be a onetime shuttle available to and from the Knoxville TN airport. Further details will be provided upon registration.

Transportation will be provided to and from all scheduled activities.

All meals will be provided except for one evening meal during your scavenger hunt in wonderful Gatlinburg. Countless restaurants and dining options are available at this location.  Snacks and limited adult beverages will also be provided however you are more than welcome to bring your favorite munchies with you. (If it’s not legal, please don’t bring it).

Many goodies will be provided during our retreat however we’d like to keep some surprises so let’s just say that you should save a little extra room in your luggage, including space for a hand made journal, unless of course you’re so proud of the journal that you just want to carry it in your arms for all to see. (We don’t recommend this while you’re driving).

Your registration fee also includes the following: a complimentary packing list so that you won’t forget your underwear, a personal photographer on hand so that you need not worry about missing that shot, and a complimentary DVD of the Retreat pictures for you to enjoy at home. You also have permission to print out these photos for your personal use however they may not be used for monetary purposes.

You will be asked to sign release forms for both “Artistic Adventures” as well as through the adventure site companies as either will not be held responsible for any injuries, illnesses, or accidents that occur during any/all retreats and their activities. You will also be asked to sign a photo release form. We will provide a first aid kit for any minor scrapes and bumps.

Gee, you’ve included so much in this retreat package, what isn’t included?

Transportation to and from your home will not be included nor any obvious items such as medications or toiletries so please come prepared. As above, you will also be responsible for one evening meal however many options are available, including raiding our pantry.


It is our hope that all of the juicy contents within this Artistic Adventure will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone just a little, both adventure wise and artisticaly, and allow you to make new friendships and incredible memories that will last for years to come.

Should you have more questions we encourage you to e-mail Audrie personally, as she will be your art instructor, your adventure guide, and your contact throughout your retreat.

So, now are you ready to sign up? A $199. deposit holds your place at the retreat. Once you register you will receive an e-mail confirmation package including everything that you need to prepare you for your Artistic Adventure.  

Your $199. deposit goes toward the total price of $1,699.00 which includes everything as stated above. There are several payment options including use of Paypal or a check. You may make payments as described in your confirmation packet or you may pay in full at time of Registration. Full details including cancelation policy and waivers are located in your confirmation packet or upon request.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to call or text Audrie at (865) 661-3476 or contact via e-mail at  You can also find us on Facebook @ Artistic Adventures with AutumnLeaf.

So if you’re ready for an experience of a life time, ready to explore the Great Smoky Mountains with some new friends, and if you’re ready to create art like it’s going out of style, then reserve your place today! Space is limited and we expect this Artistic Adventure to fill up quickly so come along and join in on the fun here at Artistic Adventures: “The Smokies”.

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